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Self Help
Paul gave his sons away to the wolves, Patty says
quietly into a little box which she then hands to me.
What am I supposed to do with this? I ask.  Hide it
somewhere, she replies, and then forget it was ever
there. This is the only way to live in happiness she says
into another much larger box as I walk down the
hall and out of the alley, into the little imaginary
city that we have been building against our will.
:iconswim-inside:Swim-Inside 0 9
Who R U? by Boatwright Who R U? :iconboatwright:Boatwright 130 70 Tom Waits by Boatwright Tom Waits :iconboatwright:Boatwright 585 164
This is the sinker,
watch it dance.
For a split, second-studded hour,
reports flow into filthy sinks to the
brim with steaming sanctions.
Think now on possible secrets
longing for the secure cover of
I listen in on three stories
of circus ring ghosts
who leave half-asked questions
for those who won't be
bothered with petty prophecies.
But murders splattered glass
into fixed young eyes for
countless evening words.
Keep watching.
Mirages come creep, creeping
closer to the edge of tightened
rainbow yarn and fall backward
against walls of strawberry-
blonde strands, wrapped 'round
post war stories.Stop the heart
before its legs bleed dry.
The final flight rushes me toward
picket fences with welcome signs.
They read backward as they shoot
me for the stars, even though
Hollywood rejects matter like me.
I break through the barrier just in time
for the morning alarm.
Now you're hooked.
:iconsummability:summability 3 35
'Would you go out with me?' by Rhovea 'Would you go out with me?' :iconrhovea:Rhovea 1 7
La La
The day after St Valantines,
I'm wearing you around my waist...
You're just a thought, maybe.
Or maybe you're my lover when I have you here,
And my overstimulated imagination when I dont.
Most people form their rules after civilization.
Base their lives on the grounds they live on.
American heritage is of concrete and blind patriotism....
And people need that.
But not me...
And not you.
I build my  walls inside your heart.
I make my rules out of the taste of your breath.
This is what I know to be true:
That you and I know nothing...
But theres some surreal understanding
In the dead silence
Between songs
On my
Car stereo.
And I am only happy when you're touching me.
You say to keep it simple.
I say I need you to be honest.
And I don't know if you think I'm pretty,
But before you turn your back at 9:58 pm
I know you normally say you love me.
My self preservation is in self ignorance.
You're breaking me up and I'm falling apart and
You are the only thread holding the pieces toge
:iconjordhyn:Jordhyn 2 6
lifeless but for
superficial breathing
he awaits the whips,
the screaming and writhing

all that sex and violence
is left to linger
with the legacy of silence
her faith has left behind
she stands at attention
ready to vociferate, to hold
in restraint, in detention
in the name of her lord
built in the name of sin
saved by a bloody god
born in the hay of an inn
sentenced to suicide

she wallows in his mercy,
folds her hands every night
forever longing and thirsty
for his divine prize
yet tears of perfect piety
embrace the flesh
of her idolatry
down on her knees again
why hast thou forsaken me?
:iconphoenixtx:phoenixtx 17 22
A Record of My Travels by marcyintellect A Record of My Travels :iconmarcyintellect:marcyintellect 53 37
a captain
                         Forget how to smile,
                                  Like a heave-ho on a ship to hell,
             But the captain knows how,
                   And he winks while whipping up a storm of
:icondark0dark:Dark0Dark 5 23




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